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NEIL STEPHENS PERSONAL/BOXING TRAINER CAPITAL HILL In his 20-year boxing career, Neil earned several highly regarded titles in both amateur and professional boxing arenas, including Georgia Golden Gloves, PAL and Southeast regional titles. His talents as a boxer took him to tournaments throughout the U.S. and internationally, where he was a world ranked professional boxer. He applied his skill and discipline in the ring to become sparring partner to several world champions. He has returned to Seattle to be a personal trainer as well as a boxing trainer Having been "ruled by the scales" as a boxer, Neil is well-versed in both weight-loss and muscle-weight-gaining techniques and the importance of doing so using a safe and controlled approach, qualifying him in all aspects of personal training. Boxfit Seattle


Neil began studying all aspects of physical fitness, training, and nutrition in the late 1990s, and after receiving his NASM and USA Boxing Coach certifications in 2003 started working as a fitness trainer for Crunch gym in Hollywood, California. Neil's talents as a trainer earned him a position with Emerson Hall Fitness in Hollywood, where his personal training sessions included everything from preparing actors for film roles to helping models slim down and tone up for photo shoots. In addition to the glamorous side of fitness, Neil has helped clients body build and gain muscle mass, rehabilitate from sports injuries and other medical conditions, and start a fitness program for the first time – always with an individually designed program of exercise and nutrition.

As a trainer, Neil loves to help clients reach their personal goals and improve their quality of life: "I believe every individual is capable of attaining his or her optimum physical condition if trained properly and with consistency. I create a specially designed fitness and dietary regimen for every one of my clients to help them progress at the right speed and with a pace that works for them."

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