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The messengers are now developing as an open platform. With the help of content, you can communicate with the audience and sell stuff and your services. And although everything is limited to chat-bots and channels, it is not necessary to draw sharp conclusions. Remember what happened 8 or 10 years ago in the era of the boom of Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and etc. — skeptics who did not believe in the concept of "applications and games within the social network", at first, was enough, too.

The appearance of "publishing" means it's another direction that shows that the messenger is turning into a platform. Instant Articles technologies by Facebook, AMP by Google and Telegraph by Telegram are just some of them.

The principle of operation is simple : an adapted html-page opens in a messenger, and it opens up endless possibilities for making interactivity. With these web-pages, you can draw full markup and interfaces, which in addition, can be used with the chat-bot. Imagine the same surveys that you would be able to create with a convenient form rather than with a list of commands.

Of course, there are restrictions. Even the current capabilities are not flawless — many are in the beta stage .

Current decisions do not have a large selection of promotional opportunities . The promotion of the bot in messengers today lies entirely on the shoulders of its author or customer. Messengers do not have enough promotional opportunities that give the App Store and Google Play. Today, if you want to advance in Telegram, you need to negotiate with other channels or advertise yourself outside the messenger. It takes a lot of time and effort — and gives an unpredictable result in the end.

Many messengers do not have their own analytic services. That's why developers and marketers have to use services and plugins from other developers , such as TGstat. This is not a bad solution , but ideally, messengers should launch their own systems.

Today, the creation of a new messenger is a big risk, but at the same time, it is a reasonable investment: billions of users have needs that the current system does not satisfy 100%. Let’s have a look at the existing messengers with multi-functionality:


More and more, founders of companies, answering the question of what product they consider to be an exemplary one during the creation of their own, they take Asia, and specifically the Chinese messenger, WeChat, as a model. "One app to manage everything" - so dubbed the Chinese messenger with an audience of 889 millions active users.

Wechat messenger gained great popularity due to the fact that it was able to combine many different services on one platform. The application has an huge user database — it has actually become an operating system for communication, shopping and mobile entertainment.

The centralization of WeChat data makes it the cornerstone of the state's social credit system, which is expected to emerge nationwide in 2020. In 2014, the "planning Plan for the construction of a social credit system" was published, the goal of which is to make a system. The system encourages good behavior and punishes those who do not contribute to the building of a harmonious society or, as the document envisages, a system that "will allow reliable roaming everywhere under the heavens, while making it difficult for the discredited to take another step." For example, users with court orders or those who do not repay loans cannot book train tickets for high-speed trains and planes.

It is extremely difficult to measure the number of hacked accounts in WeChat per year ( WeChat didn’t comment this article. But the scale of the problem of online fraud in China is widespread. In a survey conducted by China's Internet Society, a non-governmental organization consisting of 1,200 members, including KOL in the country, 84 percent of respondents said they were affected by data theft. In 2016, the death of Xu Yu, an 18-year-old girl whose family was cheated out of their savings for university admission, sparked a dispute over data privacy. The Court ruled that her death from a heart attack was a direct result of fraud. The man was sentenced to life imprisonment for paying a hacker to steal her personal data .


South Korean Internet corporation, Kakao Corp, wants to integrate cryptocurrency options into the messenger . This was reported by the local news agency, Fnnews, on March 18, 2019. According to the Agency, the integration will take place after the launch of blockchain-platform, Klaytn, project subsidiaries Kakao Ground X.

Guide Kakao decided to add support for cryptocurrencies as a messenger after Samsung developers integrated repository for digital assets in the Galaxy S10 device. Users of the KakaoTalk messenger will be able to manage the crypto-wallet on their own, but there is an possibility to completely disable its functionality. The mass distribution of tokens among the 80% of the population can have a positive impact on the general condition of the market.


Line is an application for smartphones and PCs, a means of instant messaging of Korean origin. Now, it is managed by the Japanese company , Line Corporation. Basic functions are available for free, and most stickers and in-game items can be purchased separately.

One of the differences between Line and other similar messengers is a built-in social network that supports blogs and comments. People can subscribe to the official accounts of corporations or media.

Within the extensive functionality of the messenger, there are such options as:

Line Games. Players can connect with friends, send and receive gifts.

Line Taxi: the option allows you to order a taxi via the messenger interface. Line Taxi is part of the main line application, so a separate installation of the service is not required. Payments for the trip pass in the integrated Line Pay.

Line Pay. The function allows you to make non-cash payments with the help of a line wallet added to your account. According to the plan of the Japanese government, by 2020, the country will abandon the turnover of cash. It is expected that Line Pay will play a major role in this process, contributing to the state's economic development goals.


Telegram messenger plans to make a cryptocurrency wallet in the world and compete with Visa and Mastercard payment systems . Around the new blockchain service, Telegram promises to build an entire ecosystem of channel owners, developers, payment providers and traders who will use a special cryptocurrency gram in their operations. It, however, will be available for people from the outside.

The developers are sure that, due to the close integration with Telegram applications , the TON cryptocurrency wallet will become the most popular in the world. They rely on their own experience in developing user-friendly interfaces that will make the new service intuitive for users, as well as on the fast growth of the Telegram audience. And although there is already enough information about TON in the network, the exact date of the launch of the Durov cryptocurrency is still unknown.

Earlier, Telegram also add the geochat function. It is noted that chats with a reference to the terrain will be available to users of Android, iOS and desktop platforms after updating the application . In addition to combining users in the chat, the location will be added and match the interests. Anyone can initiate a conversation. He or she will just need to come up with the theme of geochat, determine its location and the allowable radius of geolocation for other interlocutors — from 100 m to 6 km. The history of messages in such conversations will be available to all users who have joined the chat, regardless of the date of sending messages.


Discord is a messenger with a significant number of additional functions . The program was created to communicate a large number of gamers in multiplayer games. The principle of operation is based on IP telephony (VoIP). The application greatly simplifies the process of conversation among gamers and allows users to improve their success in team play. As part of the additional functions, users have available options such as broadcasting music in the channels of correspondence, broadcasting the desktop screen of the device for interlocutors, integration with many popular services and applications , the ability to communicate with multiple channels at the same time and much more.


In 2019, the Hong Kong company, Vinci, announced the upcoming release of the eponymous messenger. The developers announced the imminent release of a multi-functional cross-platform application that combines multimedia functionality with privacy and integrated tools for communication, e-Commerce and business management. CEO of Vinci, Gary Ng, positions the messenger as a modern solution for businesses and individual users, which has the functionality of the aggregator of multimedia applications. The application is created to free users from unnecessary downloads and optimize the digital space. The project developers are convinced that the future of communication IT-solutions is the basis for the integration of already familiar and familiar to users applications , and the developing of a single closed ecosystem usually leads to the vulnerability of user data and violation of their personal boundaries.

The messenger offers a great functionality. Acting as a communication aggregator, the developers of Vinci report the possibility to use different messengers and use only one application. Thanks to this solution, users will not need to download 2-3 different messengers to one device, because it will be enough to install only Vinci for communication. Thanks to this option, the user's address book becomes more functional.


Threema is a product of Swiss founders designed for communication between users. The software is characterized by high security and the ability to keep secret the personal data of users. The messenger is distributed exclusively for a fee and is an independent product, which ensured its high popularity among users.

Threema has some special functions, such as the ability to identify a contact by scanning its personal QR code or anonymous instant messaging. In particular, instead of using a server to synchronize messages, Threema establishes a direct encrypted connection between the browser and the mobile device using the SaltyRTC Protocol. Thus, messages can be synchronized without the need for the server to process them. If the browser and mobile device are connected to the same network, the data couldn’t be lost. In addition to the standard functionality, the messenger has a cross-platform option. Threema Gateway provides a service of integration of the messenger into the user environment. With this option , the user can use their own server for communication and communication for an additional fee.

Facebook Messenger

Facebook has officially announced the developing of a cryptocurrency called Libra (Libra), as well as an online wallet, Calibra, for its use. They are expected to be valid in 2020.

The Calibra wallet, as promised by the corporation , can be used both with a separate application and directly from their messenger and WhatsApp. The project is positioned as an attempt to give access to basic financial services to those who are currently deprived of it.

According to Wired, this fact is criticized by a some of experts, who believe that a truly equal global payment system can be based only on an open blockchain platform. "The reaction in the crypto environment was that it was an anti-utopian nightmare. I do not fully understand what these other companies are for except to create the appearance that Facebook does not do it alone," said Professor Angela Walch from the St. Mary's University .


e-Chat is a decentralized messenger with a built-in multi-currency crypto-wallet. In addition to the standard features of the messenger, such as text messages, audio and video files, e-Chat has additional functionality, such as the ability to create and use chat-bots for various tasks, transfers of Fiat funds and cryptocurrencies, masking in video calls and online broadcasts, using neural networks and other functions.

The consumption of Internet services is increasingly going into mobile applications . For example, smartphone users spend only 10% of the time on browsers, the rest of it they spend in different apps. This allows the creators of online services to accumulate more and more data about users, so they can offer customers the best quality of service. Kakaotalk messenger Google clearly felt this tendency in the United States, where over the last year, the share of commodity search queries (one of the best ways for monetization) passing through Amazon, with its huge content base, increased from 44% to 55%, while the share of such queries falling on search services decreased from 34% to 28%. Similarly , it affects the demeanor of users and WeChat, which has become, in China, essentially a standard for any smartphone. Entire businesses run on WeChat, and the application itself already connects millions of organizations to virtually every smartphone user in China, giving direct access to services, many of which people used to find through search engines. Experts have long said that with the creating of AI systems in the nearest future, the importance of contextual search can significantly decrease. This is the main long-term possibility for a new generation of applications seeking to become leaders among online companies in the world.