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123G Studio Knowledge Base


123Greetings’ Studio is a platform for professionals as well as amateur artists. Are you a stay-at-home mom who likes scrap-booking? Are you a student who’s putting together a portfolio? Are you a freelance designer or a part-time musician? Graphic artists, students, designers, stay at-home moms, musicians, writers, scrap booking hobbyists, heck, if you’re into art and design and want to earn a little extra something on the side while getting recognition, 123Greetings’ Studio is for you.

This Wiki will serve as a Knowledge Base to help you make best use of the 123Greetings’ Studio.

Working with 123Greetings’ Studio


Card Elements

Contribute to the Wiki

123Greetings Studio is a platform for the Artiste's & by the Artiste's. This Wiki is a comprehensive guide to the platform which is compiled, maintained by the platform team and by Artiste's like you!

Make this Documentation Better!

As an Artiste's one would love to see a documentation which is:

  • Easy to follow
  • Detailed
  • Up to Date
  • Accurate

Nothing in this world is perfect and neither is this documentation. Hence we invite you to contribute to this documentation and make it better. Anything and everything you contribute will be much appreciated by your fellow Artiste's.

How to Contribute

As a contributor to this Wiki you may send your suggestions to

In case you are not able to get an answer to your query, kindly post the same to the forums or forward it to We will get in touch with you at the earliest!