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Remember that ecards are used to establish, enhance and enrich relationships between people. They express emotions, inspire and connect people with each other. Here are a couple of tips and tricks you can use to maximize the effect of your ecards.

Your Ecard Design

  • The images you're going to use for the ecard icon and thumb should be eye-catching.
  • The design of your ecard should reflect the message you are sending. The words, design and music should be coherent and should go hand in hand.
  • You don't always need a copy to your ecard, sometimes it works if you just say "Happy Holidays" or "Merry Christmas" with a cool design.

Your Ecard Copy

  • The copy of your ecard should help the sender to express his or her emotions to the fullest.
  • Ecards are predominantly personal. So the tone of the message should have a heart-to-heart connect. Since greeting cards are meant to say what the person wants to say, the personal touch must be distinct.
  • Your ecards must express what the sender wants to, but cannot express. So the writer has to know and identify the emotional content of the occasion and connect accordingly.
  • The tone of the greeting card’s message must suit the event or the occasion. Thinking out-of-the-box is a great quality to have for a writer, but going over-the-top must be avoided at all cost. People send greeting cards for emotional reasons and your greeting card must respect that, before building on it.
  • A good greeting card message has clarity of thought, vision and concept. Before writing a greeting card message, put these three aspects firmly in place.
  • Soft, soothing, sustaining or wild and whacky, whatever be the motif of a greeting card, it must reach out to the receiver and act as a seamless bond with the sender.

Marketing Your Ecard

  • Think about how you can develop your portfolio or have your ecards as a part of your portfolio so you can show it to potential clients, customers, or colleagues. Remember, the Studio gives you a URL of your own, so you can put them in your email signature, blog, or any social network you're on.
  • If you're making a series of ecards, have a theme or personal brand in mind so that fans can keep coming back to your ecards.

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