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To make sure that the ecards submitted at the 123Greetings Studio are at par with our system we suggest you to follow these pointers.

Publishing your ecard

It is recommended that you publish your ecards in flash version 8 or lower Version.

ActionScript Usage

We recommend you to use Action Script 2.0 in your cards. Our system currently does not support ActionScript 3.0 and hence usage of ActionScript 3.0 is not recommended.

Play and Replay button

Use a Play button at the beginning and a Replay button at the end of your card.

Play button

Use stop(); ActionScript on first frame.

Make a Play button in the first frame and use the following ActionScript on the Play button


Replay Button

Use stop(); ActionScript on last frame.

Make a Replay button at the end of your card and use the following ActionScript on the Replay button

   gotoAndPlay(2); // where 2 is the frame number succeeding the first frame having the Play button

If you don't provide a Play and Replay button accompanied by a stop(); ActionScript, your card will keep on playing in a loop.


Assuming that Play button is on the first frame, start the music from the second frame.

Frame Rate

Make sure that you are using frame rate of 12 for cards having music embedded on the time line.

Sound Variable

If your card has sound variable with target


 var mySound:Sound = new Sound(this)

Don't Use:

 var mySound:Sound = new Sound()

_parent and _root

In case you are using parent - child relationship use _parent and _root instead of _level0

Embedding a hyperlink

You can embed a hyperlink in your card. But the link should always open in a new page. In order to do this click on option Target inside flash and select _blank from the drop down.